Abetz & Drescher | Künstlerportrait für ArtParasites

Künstlerportrait / Reportage für ein Special des Magazins Artparasites mit dem international bekannten Künstlerduo Abetz & Drescher aus Berlin.

Abetz & Drescher, a collaborative couple from Germany, create unique and intricate worlds where icons, symbols and dream archetypes frolic in a psychedelic labyrinth. Themes of the Renaissance and Pop Art simultaneously develop in their work. We see background structures, such as mosaics, wave-like shapes and Op-art patterns which bridge the different elements and are at the same time responsible for the dissolution of real space. A synaesthetic environment is created whose medium is music. The specific type of varnish and the rhythm of the paintings, contrived by way of distinguished areas or motives, are means to experience the time-space dimension of music on a visual level.

In Abetz & Drescher’s view, the universe is spiritual, nothing is static, everything is forever in motion and vibrating. On a universal level they see creation and destruction as equal —both are essential factors in painting the order of the universe. Abetz & Drescher’s works present the viewer with an alternate universe, one that is not seen with normal vision but through rock and roll, imagination, dreams, and pleasure.

Maike Abetz born in Düsseldorf, Germany & Oliver Drescher born in Essen, Germany.
They live and work together in Berlin.

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Creative Commons License Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlikeCreative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike
Abetz & Drescher | Künstlerportrait für ArtParasites