Never pay to be published

Important because of Instagram

Sorry, I get this so often, comments or messages offering to publish me if I pay a certain amount of money.

If you are a new photographer or a hobby photographer, you may not know this, but this never works. This is not new either, it was around before Instagram.

There really is one way, you take the photo, and you get paid for the photo when it is published. The other way is a scam. It doesn’t matter if the Instagram account has 100,000 or 1 million followers. It has never worked and it will never work.

Normal people don’t care if your name is next to a picture

Furthermore, a bitter reality, I’ve been published in most of the big magazines and normal people don’t care if your name is next to a picture or a cover. Ordinary people are not interested in a photographer. You can advertise it on your website … OK, that is another thing that fewer people will see because. Nowadays, it is mostly Instagram. The only important thing is that you get paid well for publishing your photos in a magazine. That is the most essential thing. Never give your pictures away for free or, worse, pay for them.