Mephisto Originals Manufaktur – Social Media Kampagne

Social Media Kampagne für die Schuhmarke Mephisto. Ziel der Kampagne war die Handwerkskunst in der Herstellung der handgefertigten Sneaker in den Vordergrund zu stellen. Dazu besuchte ich die Firmeneigene Manufaktur in Sarrebourg, Frankreich. Verwendung finden die Fotos primär im Social Media Auftritt des Unternehmens auf Instagram und Facebook.

Mephisto ist ein international bekannter Schuhhersteller, der unter dem gleichnamigen Label Markenschuhe für die Stadt sowie für bestimmte Outdoor- und Fitness-Bereiche herstellt und international vertreibt.

Image campaign for the shoe brand Mephisto.  For advertising their handmade sneaker with their craftmanship. The Photos are currently used for their social media on Instagram and Facebook.

In brief, Martin Michaeli was 29-years-old back in 1965 and aspired to produce shoes in Europe. What has emerged from this is a success story that could fill entire books. But let’s take a closer look at one very special chapter. That would be the history of Mephisto Originals. In 1975, Martin Michaeli came up with an idea for a very special shoe. The Originals. We have been manufacturing the exact same shoe, just as we have been doing since 1975: as a unique cult object that isn’t worn by everybody. The Originals are as unique as those who wear them. A shoe that unites individualists and rebels worldwide and has been doing so for the past 42 years.

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Mephisto Originals Manufaktur – Social Media Kampagne