Portrait Series for ArtBerlin with the Painter Djuneid Dulloo at the Charis Schwarz Gallery


born in Mauritius. Currently lives and works in Berlin.

Remixing a wide range of languages, both from art history and popular culture, Djun sees the process of painting as transposing real human connections, reenacted through mental states and languages. He treats art as humans in itself, with all the complexity and contradiction that they entail. Artworks, like  people, carry their own temporality and subjective trajectories.

Performative in nature, his paintings strike a balance between automated instinct and calculated strategies. Djun ́s work exhibits a use of exuberant colour and bold gestures. An energetic combination of artists like Matisse, Jean Michel Basquiat and De Kooning, his aesthetic plays between the figurative and the symbolic. This layered energy is psychically rooted in his natal island of Mauritius where a diversity of cultural influences broil.

Within his practice of painting, text and photography, one witnesses the marks of an islander who went on to inhabit various intricate layers of cultures around the globe. As a nomad, a sense of where one is from also informs his work and reflects on the cacophony of a post-internet society.